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Re: Referendum is a load of crap.!!

Originally Posted by DaveinGermany View Post
And then there's this

EU burying power-grab laws until AFTER referendum | UK | News | Daily Express

If people are foolish enough to vote "stay", then after the referendum the UK are going to be put through the wringer by a vindictive, spiteful EU hierarchy out to get their pond of flesh & then some. All to put us uppity little islanders back in our box & teach us & anyone else with ideas of reform that there is no freedoms only those the EU upper echelons allow us.

If that's what you want, then tick the box, but if you've any hope for your future freedoms & those of your kith & kin, it can only realistically be 100% out!
Yes DinG, I saw how they were delaying a vote on increasing the unaudited EU budget by 7 billion or E per year because they don't want it to have any effect upon our referendum. A number of EU leaders are already saying that nothing will change for UK, but at least one other country is to hold a referendum to determine whether they reject the Merky immigrant quotas.There are so many instances of information being spouted about staying that is inaccurate - and the Stay lot are even forging documents in an attempt to garner support.
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