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Re: Referendum is a load of crap.!!

Originally Posted by Lucysgirl View Post
Actions of any country in the world could affect us in the UK so I don't mind if a foreigner gives their point of view of how our actions could affect them. It wasn't just Obama who gave his opinion yesterday, there was a TV programme on last night where opinions were asked of scholars in some Scandinavian countries who have no say/vote in the EU
I was listening to TV this morning and a chap from Holland ''phoned in to give his views on the EU. He was disgruntled that he couldn't vote because, although he still holds a British passport, he's not lived here within the last 15 years. He would have voted to leave the EU because of the meddling of the Commission in other countries internal affairs. Apparently his Dutch circle of pals feel the same way.
The only thing I take umbrage at in this debate is the parrotted lie that the 'NO' camp promotes - this being how much we pay per month or per year. to the EU - they conveniently forget to deduct our discount. With discount we pay between 8 and 9 Billion Pounds then we gt back some millions for research, farmers, etc. As I'm from the era of a Farthing being able to buy something to put on the table even a Million or a Billion pouns is a lot of money - but when you hear that the Personal Borrowings of ordinary Brits is nearly One and a half TRILLION Pounds - then "millions" and "billions" fades into insignificance
And does our Head of State or even the PM advise the Americans or the Canadians on how they should vote in any election? It is very easy to skew public opinion quotes on the media - they only report the views of interviewees that suit the purpose of that particular media outlet.
Your post is so like the Remain camp publicity - random figures but no indication of the source. If you wish to publicise financial reasons as to why we should remain then please cover all financial areas and provide source information.
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