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Originally Posted by ossy kid View Post
Record high temperatures are contributing to a massive forest fire in Fort McMurray Northern B.C. has made 80,000 people flee their homes, never seen anything like it, houses are shells, trucks and cars just shells, my daughter who works in an oil camp there just phoned to say they are just being bused to Edmonton. It,s like watching a movie seeing all the vehicles driving through the burning forests, very scary and no rain forcast until Monday. Thankfully no injuries though.
I hope everyone stays safe.
Houses and trucks can be replaced...those we love cannot.

We have been in Australia when they have had forest fires(firestorms) and seen the devastation they cause.
Strangely though, communities seem to rally together and be made stronger by such adversity.
My thoughts are with all those who are affected.
Man likes to feel he has control, but in truth Mother nature will always have the last word.
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