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Local teams supported

I find it fascinating since I've lived up here to see what local support is. Most of it I've seen walking round the area in my day to day life.
The most unusual one ( which I never expected ) is the sheer amount of support ( car stickers, football shirts ) in Ossy of Burnley FC.
Going west to literally the West End it doesn't diminish, rather become stronger in what I reasonably expected to be Rovers turf !
I've no opinion just an observation. Logically I would expect west of Accy to be a Rovers stronghold generally.
I would say , taking out sufferers like me from Bowton lol, and the odd LFC /MUFC car banner/ shirt wearer, that from what I see ( consistently ) that it's 90% Burnley. 10% Accy Stanley/MUFC/LFC ( & yours truly ).
Would love to see some comments following this to see why this is.
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