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Re: Bulgaria bans full-face Islamic veil

Originally Posted by Michael1954 View Post
Lazy good for nothings? Now that's a totally different argument than wearing full face veils. My experience of working with Asians is they are hard working. Perhaps you know different?
Yes Michael1954 I do know different.I have both employed and been employed by Asians.
I also admit,as in our own nationality,there are good and bad on both sides.However IMHO the incomers will only do shop keeping, taxi driving and possibly anything that requires very little effort.Come on,when was the last time you saw an Asian Street cleaner,road digger,etc.Apart from when the coppers are on their tail for speeding,drug peddling or chatting up young girls I have not seen any of our hard working friends break into a sweat,have You?
Back to the original thread,it has been said,wearing the burka is a personal choice only,nothing to do with religion.If my personal choice was to walk round town wearing a tee shirt with something offensive on it that should be OK then,after all it's only my personal choice RIGHT: WRONG it would offend people.These people are taught from a very early age to buck the norm and offend the indigenous population as often as they can.Then when challenged play the race card.Also if I was in their country (I don't mean Britain)would I get any with MY personal choice or wearing a bikini in hot Weather?.NO:because it would offend......
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