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Re: Bulgaria bans full-face Islamic veil

Originally Posted by Eric View Post
They send their kids to technical college to learn the trades. Every colony has its own carpenters, brickies, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, And ... get this ... they have their own cooperThis is a trade passed down from generation to generation. Karl had a couple of barrels in his basement. I once asked how much they held. "Enough" he said, "and when they are empty, I fill them again."
Not a problem, I live in a community of brown voiced people, most of the time I have no problem, tonight and lets face it, it's only early just gone half six, still daylight, walking past a group of teenage brown faces minding my own business one of them put his foot out and deliberately tried to trip me up, Oh how his friends laughed, until I asked, do you really find that funny?
Well yes, actually they confessed to finding it funny, how long do we put up with such behaviour?

How long before I or any other white person can't walk passed my neighbours son's without some bully boy thinking he's clever and making this a getto with no go rights for whites?
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