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Re: Bulgaria bans full-face Islamic veil

Originally Posted by DaveinGermany View Post
I'd agree with that Mike, we may not always agree on matters & furthermore have different approaches to a subject, but being "riled" isn't even in the same room, healthy discussion & debate I'd say.

Very true D,even though I find some of the comments on here 'beyond ridiculous',I never get emotional.

Now,I have no doubt some women are coerced to cover up rather than covering up through choice (that's oppression) but denying folk the right to wear what they like (without good reason) is equally oppressive in my book.....kinda reminds me of how the certain minority's were treated in Germany in the 30s.

Perhaps it's because I'm one chromosome away from a special parking sticker,but I don't think you can police folks clothes without good reason and folk finding them intimidating or offensive isn't good enough imo.
Taking pics of some of the places you see is DANGEROUS . I do not condone or encourage breaking the law or unsafe behavior.

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