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Re: Bulgaria bans full-face Islamic veil

Jason, in the home they are not required to wear the full face veil.
And when you say that they are out in the world interacting....they are not interacting at all.
You cannot interact with someone if you can't see their facial expression.
Nowhere have I said I am 'scared'....I have said I feel intimidated, compromised if you like.
There is a subtle difference.
I have also said that I find it offensive. You try going to Saudi or one of the Arab States and wear a t shirt with what they see as an offensive slogan or logo and see what happens.
It is just the same here, they are making no allowances for the culture in this country....and that, to me is offensive and disrespectful to the country in which they have CHOSEN to live.
As Less said 'when in Rome'.

When I retire from a thread I do my best to stick to my decision.....and yes I DO sometimes fall by the wayside, but you have added nothing to your earlier opinions.
Stop wearing a wishbone where your backbone should be.
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