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It is with considerable regret that the Accrington Grammar School Old Boys Association has been forced to cancel the Art Competition scheduled for later this year.

Despite sending emails to the Head Teachers/Art Teachers at every senior school in Hyndburn we have received only one response. We therefore assume that the schools have no interest in what we were attempting to sponsor.

We had a similar response to our Essay Competition a couple of years ago when of the 28 entries received 24 were from one school – Rhyddings.

It has been decided that we will not attempt any further competitions, but as one of our stated aims is to give some encouragement to the senior school pupils of Hyndburn, we will accept requests for sponsorship from any of the various Youth Organisations within the Borough of Hyndburn. In the past we have supported the Police Cadets and foreign language activities for one school's pupils.

Further information on the sponsorship will be provided in the near future.

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