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Re: Rhyddings High School??

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Hi all,
Went to rhyddings 1980 - 1986.
The teachers were, Mr Thomson (red faced PE teacher), Ohharrgreaves maths teacher and houghton weaver, captain krem (nice pants), Dopey Roper, Mr snow, Mr Howarth, Slap head Parr, Paddy effernan, Miss Gordon (every schoolboys dream).
There was a mad woodwork teacher who threw lumps of wood about, what was he called, also what was the PE teacher called that died at the sport centre?
Yea I remember them well . Mr derek winkley was the maniac woodwork teacher who gave out beatings and threw 3by2 at ur head .. he hung himself violent end to a violent man .. and bob cunliffe was the PE teacher who died at by burn sports centre. He was a real life hero . Served as a para during the Second World War . Was captured by the Germans at the battle of Arnhem in holland and escaped from a German prisoner of war camp to fight some more .. an absolute gent and I class myself as privileged to have been taught by him ,,
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