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Re: Hartlepool match thread (H)

A poor draw. We were good for the three points just. sadly Goalkeeping on our side was abysmal at times. again poor communication was evident. Dan Jewel said it all in his commentary that the less said about the first half the better. The second half did see some improvement. Sadly the whole game was badly Officiated to the point of ruination. The loanee who came on in the second half was very lively. The class difference was noticeable immediately. The big question is now, Can the managers get the best out of the players we have here, I somehow have my doubts, We can't seem to get away from the one up front nonsense we keep playing. Hartlepool were the better team for decent periods of the game but they couldn't finish any better either, We can and should be beating teams like Hartlepool or we are just going to be less than also rans. Chorley played Fylde a few days ago and the crowd was around 4000 today we managed 1500. We are not doing something right. Even at our best last season we did not break 5000 at our best. Overall it was better than a loss but there is so much to put right. I am afraid Coley has his work cut out. If we perform like this against Luton in the cup we will struggle terribly. But that is two games without loss so that just might be the saviour at the end of the season.
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