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Re: Hartlepool match thread (H)

[QUOTE=yonmon;1184296]Once again THAT thought crossed my mind as I left the Crown at 5.00 pm....not one which I particularly enjoyed at the time and one that has niggles at me since !.
This being that watching the teams efforts for 90 + minutes, they are on today's showing, as a unit, just not good enough to rank as a League team !.
Now I know that this evaluation will receive a broadside or two from those whose opinions I respect, and perhaps as a simple statement which contains no analysis whatsoever, it might deserve them !....AND I do hope that this feeling is totally unfounded, but there it is !.

My wish is that at the end of next Saturday's Cup clash, I will have to reappraise my opinion,
I hope so !...and I am keeping the faith...just !.


I have to agree with you today we were 2 poor sides and we go in front twice and then totally lose all our shape and just can,t defend Coleman has a big job on if he is to bring any quality in during the window because we just have,nt replaced the quality that left in the summer, just hope their are 2 sides poorer than us and we manage to stay up because it,s going to be a long struggle you have got to win your home games but we just don,t look like can but 2017 is a New year let,s hope we see some improvement.
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