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Re: V Barnet Guess The Gate

That is poor for a home game when we are battling at the top. I don't know what to suggest to entice more people to the club. When you consider Hyndburn has approximately 80,000+ residents we should be able to attract at least 2000 as a basic home crowd. We can guess at some of the reasons but it is a long standing problem. Personally I do think 20 for a walk on ticket is a little too much, 15 is enough. the cost of catering in the fanzone is a little ott. I am sure people will say it compares with other clubs but the real answer is people are not coming in sufficient numbers to keep the gates open at this rate. Pricing needs to be looked at. Rovers in league one are cheaper than us most times. I do question why the cost of catering at all football grounds is so expensive.
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