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Re: V Barnet Guess The Gate

Originally Posted by Chewbacca View Post
Stanley's average crowd has more than trebled since 1992, not many others will have.
Yes, but we were down in the depths of non-league then with a part-time team. Also, I'm pretty sure we were getting more than average gates of 500 each season, although I don't have the figures at my fingertips. One thing I do recall is that Fleetwood seemed to get similar gates to us and the inhabitants of that town have certainly got behind their club on their entry to the football league in a way that ours haven't.

The fact remains we have a borough of 85,000 with a FL club near the top of League 2 and a home support base of below 1,500. If people won't come now, they never will and that's a sad reflection on the apathy and lack of pride in the area.
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