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Re: V Barnet Guess The Gate

[QUOTE=Chewbacca;1203849] Look at the Lancashire League, things change, and if Stanley invested on and off the pitch like Fleetwood did 11 years ago then the crowds would be higher now.

fleetwood have been really lucky though as their rise up to div.1 has really co insided with the fall of a very local rival blackpool. with their problems on and off the pitch i imagine a lot have gone up the coast to watch their live football. if burnley went into some sort of freefall and we got promoted that could put another 1000 on our gates from home fans. other lancashire clubs such as rochdale and oldham who have been continual football league clubs for nearly 100 years and not had a 40 odd year gap like stanley with the problems accociated with that gap.
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