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Re: Referendum is a load of crap.!!

Cashy, he MAY have voted in the way he says(but I doubt it) I cannot prove whether he did or didn't...neither can he.
His comments are not those of someone with the courage of their convictions.
They are those of a remoaner....always negative about how our leaving MIGHT affect us.
We have seen those who predicted doom and gloom be far off the mark.

Guesses are not accurate, predictions likewise. This has not been done before...and it hasn't happened for us yet either.
Those mandarins in the EU would love to divide and rule...that plays directly into their hands...they want to sow uncertainty and despair, it is in their interests to do so.
They need us to be paying in, far more than we need to be in...the benefits are NOT worth the costs.
Stop wearing a wishbone where your backbone should be.
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