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Thanks Retlaw, that's brilliant.

Did they do any 'engineering' work at Park Shed or was that just a weaving shed?
Ey up Morecambe. Park shed as far as i know was a weaving shed.
Back in those early days when the Langs and the Bridges started their enterprises, several of those familys were involved in mills and such, J.W. Brigdes in Church St was one of the clan as well, Once tried tracking them all in the Accy Census returns, but all I could find were children at the time, When I was at Langs the top dog was Joseph Green, he lost his brother Cecil in WW1, the other top man was J.B. Norton. best gaffer I ever worked for, he'd time of day for every one no matter how lowly your job, and he always greeted you by yuor first name, and he never turned an ex soldier away, if you had worn Khaki, you were in.
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