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Don't suppose you remember that tenner you borrowed in 1972 either, do you

We were down in Accrington for the weekend and had a wander up Avenue Parade, to Peel park. The story I heard was that avenue parade was built as an avenue for the Peel's to get to St James Church but if that is the case, where would they be coming from?

I did a search on Google for this information but Google appears more interested in promoting its advertisers, these days, instead of providing the requested facts. For some reason, when requesting a street's history, Google thinks you want to buy a house there.
You rotten liar, its thee as owes me a tenner.
Avenue Parade was originally Peels private road to St James Church, as was Peel St., and the area up top of Ave Pde is refered to as Peel Park, Peel House wasn't actually in Ave Pde, it was in the Essex St area, there were also gates at bottom of Ave Pde, and a lodge house for the gate keeper.
I seem to remember Atarah Hindle has photos of Peels House, and they have been on here before, or Hyndburn Chat in the past..
And now thats 20 quid you owe me.
Do they still have coach trips to Morecambe to watch the traffic light change, seem to remember a big toddoo when one ot bulbs blew & neded changing.
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