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Re: Exeter City Match Thread

Originally Posted by smudgie View Post
Well my first game in a few months and an enjoyable day out....... Nice to get some Vitamin D in the old cow shed for once !

Thought a draw was a fair result, both teams edged each half in my humble opinion.

Was massively impressed with Scott Brown in the middle, showed some wonderful touches. Basically ran the game for a period, a joy to watch for me on occasion.

Not quite sure what game boy wonder Mcconville was playing today, but it certainly wasnt football. Absolutely dreadful for me today, the amount of crosses that hit the first man was unbelievable along with wayward free kicks. Not a good day at the office , along with Kee, who for me looked knackered after an hour ?

Keep that champaigne on ice !
Agree with you Smudgie ....

The Golden One was slightly tarnished against the Grecians !... some Brasso applied with an oily rag before Tuesday evening MIGHT restore his brilliance ?.

( AccyMad will love this riposte !).

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