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Hyndburn paperless, isn't it wonderful?

So perusing my emails today I found one from Hyndburn Council.
It was a review of my entitlement to my rent being paid.
Severe warning that if I didn't reply with a month it would be cancelled, I couldn't help noticing that suddenly from a Mr. they now refer to me as a Ms.
Anyhow I opened their review & here's what they wanted
1/ council reference number (no brainer it was included in the email title).
2/ valid email address (should again be no prob without it I wouldn't have got the email).
3/ phone number, O.K. been a year or so and I'd forgotten to update to my number. Though I can't ever remember them ringing me.
4/Have you circumstances changed? My answer no.
5a/Are your circumstances going to change in the next 6 months? Not that I know of if I could predict that I would be banned from doing the lotto.
5b/What will be the changes and when?

Being a loyal citizen I fill it out & pressed send. Immediately I was told YOU MUST ENTER A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS.

I don't know about you but to my mind, if I received their email my address must be good?

They refuse to accept it, maybe I should write to them pointing out the problem?

At the same time I could point out I'm not a Ms. On second thoughts, easier to go through a sex change than try to tell them they've made a mistake.
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