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Re: Mingoia signs for Stanley

Originally Posted by Twenty Eight View Post
What sort of message would signing Pierro give to the diamond in the rough you have called Jordan Clark ?
Well done son but we want our old boy back.
You know what angers me more than anything in here ? The amount of talk about players who moved on and wishing they come back. Windlass Crooks Mingoia O’Sullivan Pearson ......... FFS move on !!!
There are certain ex-players who for whatever reason were fans favourites & who will always have a special place in our hearts & memories, so naturally when one of these becomes available or looks like they could be on the move it's only natural that there'll be some speculation, if only for sentimental reasons.
However, this does not mean that we think any less of our current crop of players - the lads who gave us one of our best seasons ever will also forever have that same special status.
Really no need to get so worked up & swear.about it
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