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Re: Mingoia signs for Stanley

Originally Posted by Twenty Eight View Post
What sort of message would signing Pierro give to the diamond in the rough you have called Jordan Clark ?
Well done son but we want our old boy back.
You know what angers me more than anything in here ? The amount of talk about players who moved on and wishing they come back. Windlass Crooks Mingoia O’Sullivan Pearson ......... FFS move on !!!

You'll only be here until your player interest moves on - we're lifers.

The message it sends to current players is that you'll always be welcome back even if you move on for a few extra shillings.

Most of our players (the ones we want back) move on because their performances are sufficient that they are wanted by better clubs - so why wouldnt we want them back?

Id imagine Clark is being courted by other clubs, so when the pieces of silver are delivered we'll thank him for his services, wish him well and then take the wheelbarrow down to the bank. So wanting Del Piero back means that we're covered when that happens. Capichè?

Of course, we could always wait until the day before the season starts before we sell someone, then be up the creek without a Piero.

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