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Re: Gardening anyone recognise this plant?

Originally Posted by Ryewolf90 View Post
Looks like Himalayan Balsam to me. If they are, it's an invasive species, they have explosive seed pods that fire seeds up to 15ft from the plant and can quickly take over an area. They're fairly easy to pull up and get rid of, as long as you do it before the seed pods develop... Bees and other pollinators love these plants because the flower and produce nectar for months..
Thanks for that, I've removed it from his land, for a change something invasive that you don't have to dig six foot down to get the root!
Unfortunately next door seems to have a load of it as well, (not as large doesn't seem to like shade???) But it seems regular strimming will keep it at bay.
God dammit, there isn't a smilie for crossed fingers.
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