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Re: Donny Match Thread

Like a visit from the Flying Scotsman, Doncaster steamed into town proudly bearing their LNER pedigree on their shirts.
After four wins in a row, I bet they thought branch-line Stanley would prove ineffective against such a powerful locomotive.
How wrong they were. Stanley were as bright as their new floodlights & easily dominated a first half which should have seen us ahead at the break.
Second half saw the promotion favourites increase their work rate but m.o.m. Ripley proved invincible - again!
With Puffing Billy in his role as solitary striker, we were having little effect against their well organised defence the more the game progressed.
Then Coley made an inspired substitution by introducing Zanzala to the mix & bingo! - Rovers hit the buffers.
The Stanley express is back on track & with a good head of steam, running ahead of schedule.
The Flying Scotsman is an impressive loco, but give me 'Cock O' the North' any day.
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