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As others have already said, too many of our players had off days yesterday. Iíll add a couple of other observations. Thought Ripley was at fault for the first three goals - 1st and 3rd were similar in free kicks from right played right into the goalkeeper with real pace and he just couldnít deal with them. Tovey must only have been 3 yards from goal when he headed first goal and third one was right at Ripley and he simply didnít react in time. Add that to completely missing his kick and allowing Tovey in for the 2nd goal added up to a poor display. In balance, he did make a couple of decent saves, especially the one low down from Dembele and wasnít helped by his defence for 2nd goal.

My second point is that I thought Conneely was left with too much workload and hence, ground to cover in midfield as we seemed to lose our shape in the first half, so from my perspective the comments on his performance yesterday should be more balanced.

Happy New Year to all
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