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I recently highlighted a concerning stat from the home game against the Posh - that leading striker Billy Kee managed only 1 goal attempt throughout the game.
Judging by the responses, many assumed this was a direct criticism of Billy, which was never the intention.
My point was that our prolific 'Golden Boot' winner from last season, had been reduced to 1 meagre attempt on goal.
Last season Billy scored 25 goals & was instrumental in our promotion. We're already over half-way through this season & Billy's total so far is 7
For me this is at the heart of our current slump in form, for we all know that hitting the back of the net is basically what the game is all about.
Scoring a goal is a powerful thing. It instils confidence in the team that scores & demoralises opponents.
We've shipped goals recently & the defence has been criticised.
But just as it's Ripley's job to stop the ball going in our net, it's Kee's job to bang it in the other end.
How much of our inability to hit the target is down to our rigid game plan?
Are we placing too much responsibility on Kee's shoulders expecting him to operate as lone striker?
Surely operating with 1 striker makes it too easy for opponents to nullify any threat.
A great manager is not necessarily one who wins every game, but one who knows what to change when things go wrong.
John Coleman was praised as a football genius last season for achieving the impossible.
We'll see over the next few weeks how good a manager he really is now the going is tough.
Over to you John!

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