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Re: January transfer window.

Originally Posted by AccyMad View Post
Just had a peek on your forum Northerner, one of your fans thinking that 750 - 1m is 'silly money' for Callum - I wholeheartedly disagree, gone are the days when other teams could nick our players for peanuts.
Really hope we don't lose him but if we do, he won't be going anywhere on the cheap
I would tend to agree. One of my criticisms of the club in recent times has been that we sell players for huge fees, but then refuse to enter the inflated market when buying players. It's expensive, but if we're willing to benefit from the inflated market through sales, then we should be willing to reinvest it.

Originally Posted by monkey hanger View Post
not really sure if he should go and thats not from the stanley point of view. first real offer from a club higher up. his wages would certainly be higher but cannot see him being more than a bench warmer at best at preston. get some more games under his belt for us and an even better offer may come along.
We've had right back issues for a while, through injury, form loss etc. If he were to sign, there would be a big chance for him to play and nail down a spot in the side.
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