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Exclamation Re: Charlton Thread.

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Difficult to reasonably comment on a match like that one.
As to the officials, up until the sending offs they were OK. The linesmen first denied a Charlton goal but then cocked up big time as far as Stanley we’re concerned. After that his ‘assistant’ (i.e. the ref) then totally lost control of things for the last ten minutes.
Unfortunately, however, I suspect the club will be in for a big fine for the way almost all the Stanley players ‘remonstrated’ with the linesman after the alleged penalty decision. Never seen such behaviour, outside of South America in the 70s, towards a match official.
From where we sat we couldn’t see what happened with Charlton’s disallowed goal, then goalmouth melee, then sending off. But the very brief video ‘highlights’ clearly show Maxted being knocked off his feet, which is why their goal was disallowed. It also seems to confirm Jimmy Bell’s view of that incident that Maxted was the wronged party. It wasn’t the first time Taylor has been a pain in Stanley’s posterior and his laughing at getting himself and Maxted sent off says much about him.
As to the penalty, again we were a long way from it, and the ref clearly didn’t blow up for it. But it was the same linesman again who ruled the roost. Strangely, Barlaser’s alleged offending arm was his right, the one in line of sight of the ref but on the wrong side for the linesman. Unless the latter also has x-ray vision.
Perhaps Referee Busby was frightened of over-ruling his linesman. Bullying in the work place, maybe?
Pity really, as it soured what was otherwise a good game. Agree with Mr.Bell that Stanley were not at their best. Bit disjointed and young Mr. Gibson was up against their most dangerous player in Taylor and his lack of match experience showed. Thought their midfield generally out played ours but I thought we battled enough for a point that was, frustratingly and perhaps harshly, denied Stanley in the end.

Five points from safety? The battle has begun.

The truest words spoken this season I am afraid.........................

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