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Re: Charlton Thread.

Forget about the controversial incidents to start with.
We were second best in the middle of the park.
Yet again our left side was targeted to great effect.
That said we created a couple of decent chances - but not as many as Charlton.
Now for the controversy.
I have no idea what kicked off when Charlton scored and who did what when how.
Thatís with the benefit of looking at it now at least five times online and live so how the sendings off came about I donít know.
Now the handball.
I immediately put my head in my hands when it happened.
I thought he left his arm out there.
If Iím honest had the boot been on the other foot Iíd have been demanding a penalty.
That said the ref had the best view and said no.
How on earth the linesman could be so definitive baffles me.
Weíre in a battle now and need to start getting points on the board.
Gillingham away is critical - we need something.
Next week is a distraction for me.
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