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Re: Charlton Thread.

Looking again (it's the masochist in me) at Charlton's disallowed goal, it appears that Taylor is backing into Maxted when he's in the air. So the decision to disallow it seems a good one.
But why Maxted then got sent off is less clear. He does appear to struggle 'energetically' out from under the couple of Charlton players who were lying on top of him. Perhaps they were doing more than just lying on him, who knows? It'll be interesting to see if the club appeal the sending off.
Etimov had a baptism of fire yesterday and I can't help but wonder if, had Maxted stayed on, the penalty, however well taken, might have been saved.

As to the next match, I'm glad, not only because the FA Cup is crucial to a club like Stanley, but also it may allow a bit more time for regrouping before the real fight for league survival resumes.
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