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Originally Posted by Spartacus2nd View Post
You forgot the third type, the one where one must serve one's apprenticeship before daring to insult a member of the Illuminati
Ive followed this forum for well over a decade. Im well aware of the decorum or etiquette. Im also well aware of who posts quality, or pish, or constructive criticism, or who just posts because they like to see their pseudonym up in lights. Sadly, the vast majority of quality posters have dwindled away in response to the piffle paffle often posted.
But dont worry about me petal, I'll get my post count up to a level where my opinion is valid
There is no apprenticeship my friend.
Whether you're posting for the 1st time, or the 1000th, your opinion is always valid.
In no way do I regard myself as a member of the Illuminati.
I'm still a relative newcomer on here compared to some of the Doyen's like Cashy, Wynonie, Exile & AccyMad.
I often disagree with other's opinions, but I always try to respond with respect & avoid any insult, whether intended or not.
I look forward to reading your future contributions on this forum.
Nay! I want to actually 'like' them. Just so I can say;
'I am Spartacus!'
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