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Originally Posted by Twenty Eight View Post
Main concern to me is all this investment is in the site ....... but what about on the pitch ?
All well and good having a nice ground ...........
Getting a bit tired of "Coley will unearth a diamond as usual"
Where is the scouting infrastructure ?
I'm hoping John gets support and a healthy budget at the end of the season and we can get away from this consistent high percentage of loan deals.
Do we actually have a scouting system 28?
As we don't have the funds to snap up potential talent - even non-league teams expect a 1m for their players these days; we will always be reliant on the rejects, free agents & loans.
Even when we produce our own talent via the academy, the gems are poached by the big-boys before they've kicked a ball for the senior team.
Fully agree with your sentiments. We may survive this season but without better quality players, I doubt we'll get away with it next year.
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