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Im well aware who determines the capacity, but Andy said at a fans forum that the council would not allow any meaningful ground expansion, as the local roads and lack of parking wont allow it. If you know different I suggest you pass it on to AH

Thats half a fair comment Mr 8, but we spent 20 years putting everything we had into the squad whilst neglecting the infrastructure. It nearly cost us our club ...
I know itís a balancing act and letís be right Iím not a long established die hard so itís difficult for me to get into historical issues.
However thatís what it is - history.
For my limited time supporting the team home and away I would be appalled if we ended up with a neat and nice ground but a side mid table in League Two.
It took a monumental effort to get us to where we are but even the most blinkered fan must see we have to invest in the team.
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