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Re: Today in pictures

Originally Posted by DaveinGermany View Post
According to Deutsche telekoms tester

56.15 mbts download
12.77 mbts upload
21 Ping ????

I'm a tech pygmy in the big scheme of things, so I've no idea whether or not the above mumbo jumbo is good or bad. I just want to press things & then other things happen without long waits!
56.15 is plenty fast enough for general browsing such as looking at these pages.
Until recently I was getting well below your speed and it was fast enoug to stream TV on BT Vision box.
It depends a lot on how many other people in your area are online at the same time. Similar to your tap water, good flow until everybody else starts using water from the same main supply.
I get 70 plus now and sometime it slows down when the schools finish and the kids in the area are doing their homework or games.
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