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These businesses donít care if they strangle the grassroots of the sport they purport to support, if thereís no one playing in lower leagues or in the parks. Just as long as enough suckers around the world renew their TV subscriptions and keep buying those £89 polyester Barca shirts.
you need a bottom as well as top in everything. other sports are also getting like football where only the top clubs really get a mention . only last week north ferriby were finished as they had debts of seven and a half thousand quid. this was a side only a division below stanley a couple of seasons ago. some overpriced super stars will pay more than this in tax for a month and the difference in ability for a player at and accrington is nowhere as big as the wage they receive. eventually the game will cut its own throat but its the casualties and communities that will loose their club before this happens will be the really sad thing.
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