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Re: Fleetwood lineup

Originally Posted by StanleyJosh View Post
Watched the Lancashire Cup game vs Blackburn U23's last month.

Erico was played as wing back.

Wasn't physical enough defensively, and he didn't look comfortable venturing past the half way line....

His major downfall is his positional play.
If he's 1 on 1 with a defender on the edge of the box, you'd fancy him to beat his man and stick it in the goal.
Apart from that, I've not really seen him contribute much else.

Happy for him to completely prove me wrong over next few games...
Just can't see him getting the opportunity.

Thats a shame, from the small cameos ive seen he had the x factor, and seemed to have reasonable technique and touch. Perhaps another Mekhi McLeod? One never knows though, every player seems to have that great month that they dine out on for years!
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