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Prediction League - End of Season Privacy Rule

It has come to that stage of the season where, in the fierce competition for the kudos that comes with winning the AccyWeb Prediction League (lots of kudos because we have nothing else to offer you ), or indeed simply gaining a high placing in the final table, it is possible for one player, who is ahead of one other specific player, to man-mark him or her out of the game by waiting for them to post first and then making the same guess (sorry, informed prediction ).

Contrariwise, the player who is behind can wait for the other chap(ess) to go first then post something different to have a chance of sliding by them (though obviously this does not provide the same certainty of outcome ).

So, for four games only, all of which Stanley are going to win , anyone who wishes to guard against such tactics can place their prediction by PM to me, copying in Div3North. I will publish any predictions made this way in my regular results post. D3N and myself are of course morally incapable of benefiting in any way from knowing stuff the rest of you don't .

Hopefully my PM mailbox can take the strain

On Stanley On!!
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