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Re: The Luton thread

43 games and 43 goals, I don't blame the strikers more a lack of creativity.

I have run the scenarios and we lose the last 3 we go down, as the ones who need to win below us have Bradford, and despite playing each other you would expect all teams to get 3 points needed down to Dons. Southend could get 4 points given the games but it is 50/50 and Wallsall won't get more than 4. Most teams under us play a top team and expect no points form the game.

A point at home to PA sets them up for having to win at Scunny last game, as both lose their other game. This should see us just stay up. The only fear is Wycombe beating Walsall then losing to Wimbledon, we are likley to go down on GD if that happens.
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