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Re: The Luton thread

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I'm quite sure that, without the appearance of an fairy godfather who resembles Abramovitch more than Andy Holt, which I for one certainly don't want , Coley's taken us as far as anybody can - to the point, as I seem to recall, where Cashy into November/December thought us nailed on for the Championship playoffs at least . Not sure he's ever likely to change the approach that has got us this far - that's about as likely as Cashy changing his - shall I say - somewhat combative approach to posting on here.

The real point, for anyone wanting or hinting at changes to the management team, is, surely, does anyone seriously think, without said fairy godfather:

1. We have the resources to offer a "better" team a salary they would accept?

2. Even if we could get such a team, we could then offer them the resources to spend on players which might enable us to do more than survive in whichever league they find themselves?

Personally, I'm happy to enjoy my "season in the sun" - even if it's just for one season, though, looking at the various run-ins, I do actually think we will survive.
I agree Chimer Coley has done a great job but eventually even his time will come to go retirement another temptation at a bigger job or he,s fired at which point he would be replaced I reckon there would be a sackful of applications regardless of budgets it's a club with a great chairman and on growing improvements not to mention it's a job and there are plenty out there without one.
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