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Re: the last 4 games

update after tonights results & phew! I hope that makes us safe

BRADFORD 37 points (total points possible 43) RELEGATED
Scunthorpe v Bradford
Bradford v Wimbledon

WALSALL 43 points (total points possible 49) goal/av -25
Walsall v Peterborough
Shrewsbury v Walsall

WIMBLEDON 46points (total points possible 52) goal/av -22
Wimbledon v Wycombe
Bradford v Wimbledon

SCUNTHORPE 46 points (total points possible 52) goal/av -28
Scunthorpe V Bradford
Plymouth v Scunthorpe

PLYMOUTH 47 points (total points possible 53 ) goal/av -21
Accrington V Plymouth
Plymouth V Scunthorpe

SOUTHEND 47 points possible points 53) goal/av -13
Rochdale v Southend
Southend v Sunderland

WYCOMBE 50 points (total points possible 56) gaol/av -12
Wimbledon V Wycombe
Wycombe V Fleetwood

ROCHDALE 51 points (total points possible 57) goal/av -30
Rochdale V Southend
Charlton V Rochdale

ACCY 51 points (total points possible 57) goal/av -20
Accy V Plymouth
Portsmouth v Accy
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