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Re: Today in pictures

I was asked to take some photographs of the Anderton Boat lift by an old chap who is housebound and knew I was going there.
I cleaned the sensor on my Nikon and fitted my favourite 50mm prime lens. Put a clean SD card in the camera and a freshly charged battery, plus a spare in the bag. Clipped my Black rapid cross body strap to the camera and put it all in the camera bag. Drove round to Matalan where the coach was picking us up and as the coach arrived I took my coat out of the back seat of the car but where was the camera. On the sideboard in my hallway. What a plonker. Anyway I recently bought a new Iphone X so I did my best with that.

No 1, The lift.
No 2, Looking across the Weaver Navigation at ICI Winnington where I spent many hours years ago loading my tanker with sodium silicate.
No 3, Looking down from the viewing area at the river, ICI and a car show.
No 4, Taken from the boat coming up in the lift after a short river cruise.
No 5, Another view of the lift.
No 6, Entrance to the lift tanks for the barges.
No 7, Another view of ICI.
No 8, A Mini convertible at the show.
No 9, An amphibian.

Although the plant I refer to as ICI it is now Tata Chemicals Europe.
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