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Re: Rhyddings High School??

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Yeh me too only just seen the post...My brother Donald was there from 1954-58...I was there 1964-69 and my nephew Jason was there 1979-84......The English teacher Mr Eric Smith taught all three of us...others I remember...Mr Ogilvy (Music), Mr Barnes (History I think) and Mrs Barnes(history), Mr Howland (woodwork), Mr Eland (Metalwork) Mr Abbott (Physics) Mr Gibson(Geography) Mr Kerr & Mr Waterhouse(Maths) Mr Downs (Chemistry) Mr Cunliffe (PE)and Mr Smith (English) mr Marsden and Mrs Merrigold.

Forget who taught RE, Art, Tech Drawing and History in the 5th year.

I remember the first year classes were at Moorhead Junior school, Then I spent the second year at Haworth st and the 4th and 5th years at the Tech on Union Rd.

I remember when I left it seemed like just another day and we all just went home. Nowadays there seems to be partys, prom nights, last day seems to be a free for all with everyone painting each other and all sorts going on.....Did I miss out somewhere??

Anyone got photos of the 64-69 era.....

I attended from 1963 to 1968.
Forms 1A and 1X and 1R spent the first year at Moor End school at the top of Ossy.
Second year was at Haworth Street.
Then the A and X forms spent the 3rd, 4th and 5th years down at the Tech.

At the Tech, Mrs Westwell taught Art, Mr Eccles taught Tech Drawing.....
Terry Eccles, appropriately nicknamed ‘Tex’ was a great chap. He was a Rovers supporter and we could easily get him talking about football for at least half a lesson! I think he lived in Rishton, or Blackburn, because he used to catch the train home every afternoon on the opposite platform to us going home to Huncoat with lots of girls from Paddock House going to Burnley!
I loved my time at the Tech as we basically were trusted by the staff and we had the free run of the place. The girls had a small enclosed yard but the boys had the big concrete yard which would have 3 games of footy going on most days and cricket matches in the summer using a mat and those sprung wickets!
Every few weeks Mr Gibson, Geography would come in and tell us a long ‘story’ straight out of his head about world events, cultures and famous people. These were amazing tales and taught us more than all of the other lessons put together. Mr Gibson or ‘Abdul’ as we called him was an inspiration. At the end of his ‘Story’ lessons we would shower him with pennies and half pennies which he spent on his beloved Senior Service fags!
Such happy days at the Tech!
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