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Re: Sunderland match thread

Well for what's it worth I actually thought we played pretty well today. Make no mistakes Sunderland will be in the Top 3 or 4 come the end of the season but I actually thought we more than matched them for large period's of the game. As usual Clark was the stand out for me with some wonderful touches and moves with Johnson. Also thought Bishop and Charles ran themselves into the ground but did look very tired after an hour.

As for the negatives I thought our defending was schoolboy stuff at times. Yes their first was a great finish but as for the 2nd and 3rd, absolutely dreadful defensively. Hughes was appaling again and was quite rightly replaced, which was a massive shock for me considering he's one of the "untouchables".

His replacement I thought looked pretty solid, reminded me of a certain Aimine Linganzi! We can only dream.

Onto the next one.

Defense needs sorting = Simple.
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