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Re: The weather around the world has gone mad

Originally Posted by Jimmy Clitheroe View Post
No need for batteries - just extend the overhead electrified mesh from the dodgems at Blackpool Pleasure Beach to cover the whole country. It's about as practical as many of the other so called solutions even if it would take up most of the world's copper supplies just to cover the Fylde Coast.

What riled me about the Thunberg thing was how despicable those who control her are. Criticism is not allowed because you are 'attacking a child' in spite of their parents stating she has mental health issues and in spite of most 16 year olds (who are old enough to legally procreate) not wishing to be called child....

If this 'child' cannot stand the scrutiny and the criticism then she is clearly not mature enough to be in the arena that her parents have thrust her into.

On the video clip one commentator derides another for 'attacking a child'.
He fails to get the point that, is not the child who is being attacked but her ludicrous point of view.
She is seeing the world through the very narrow prism of her limited life experience.

Who, at 16 did not think they knew everything there was to know?

It is only when we have lived a bit and seen what life is about that we realise how foolish we were.

I am sick of the virtue signalling pseudo-religion that climate change has become.

And this girl is really not the one who should bear the blame.
It is her activist parents who really should be called to account for putting this child under the spotlight.
Stop wearing a wishbone where your backbone should be.
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