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Hi again Gremlin,
Just googled-up the following:
The company that followed Holbrook Engineering was called FPW Axles Ltd. As mentioned previously it was started by Basil Fone and is to this day situated on the Industrial Estate in Huncoat.

Hi, I have just joined this forum because of your ref to Holbrook Eng. I worked for the Moss Gear side from 1968 until 1980. For the first few years the Moss staff shared the office with Holbrooks at Corporation St. In the early seventies Moss relocated to Charter St but their trailer axle division remained in a new building next to the Holbrook factory. I wonder if you recall any of these names? Albert Pickup, chief draughtsman Moss, who sadly passed away some years ago. Kevin Holden, chief draughtsman and later director Holbrooks. Dick Gardner, works manager and later director Holbrooks. Basil Fone was the F of FPW Axles (P &W joined Moss after me). Stuart was the Holbrooks estimator, I was sorry to hear he had died. The last time I saw him he was in his thirties. He left Holbrooks to set up Stuart Eng with Eric. Their factory was under, or near the railway viaduct behind the town centre. I could rattle off other names that you may recall, but only if you are interested. Kind Regards, Steve.
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