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R.I.P. Max

In June this year we has to say goodbye to our Max , the faithful Collie. He would have been 14 in September. He started in December with what the vet then described as a bad cold with a constant runny nose. 3 months later they decided to do a scan of his head only to find that the bone in his nasal passages had been eaten away with a fungal infection. They did blood tests and found he had aspergillosis ( google it) He was admitted as an urgent case into Liverpool University Small Animal Hospital where he had two operations , one in March and one fortnight after to clean out his sinuses. The specialist vet there said he was also riddled with arthritis, although he never showed us any signs of it. He came home , but sadly never got any better as it spread to his nervous system and we had to send him over the rainbow bridge. We said to each other that a house is not a home without a dog so two days later we ventured over the border to Silsden to bring home Bryn
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