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Re: Ipswich Town match thread

Originally Posted by Twenty Eight View Post
One - invest in the product that is put in the pitch.
Two - use that investment wisely.
My friend, I think it's you who needs to 'wake up & smell the coffee'
Your response has only confirmed my earlier post, that today's result only highlights the lack of quality in our current squad.
I agree with you! In L1 terms we're 'not good enough'
We all know the reason is due to the financial restraints we are under due to our lowly gates.
We're simply unable to attract players of proven L1 quality, both in terms of salaries + transfer/agents fees.
It seems pointless gnashing our teeth about the situation, it is what it is & will always be thus.
Let's be thankful for every win, grateful for the draws & expect the odd thrashing.
It's all in the game!
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