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The study and recording of Accrington's street names was started about 30 years ago I think - Atarah Hindle will know. Information on them is kept in a card file in the wooden cabinets below the front windows in the upstairs room of the library. It is rare to come across a new reason for an old street's name, but this has just happened in the case of Burton Road, which started as Burton Street around 1877. It is likely that the name was given by members of the Peel family , who owned lots of land off Burnley Rd,that it was so named to commemorate the moving of their 18th century ancestors from Accrington and Church to Buton on Trent to set up factories there as it offered better prospects for trade than their factories locally.
The Peel Society ( Google it) commemorates Sir Robert Peel and the rest of the Peel family in a museum in Burton, where there is a Peel St and a Peel House in the centre. I think it likely that the Accrington-based Peels would have gone to visit their relatives in Burton and feel some connection with the town and surrounding area.
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