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I am not sure what the scores on the doors are regarding the Covid19 virus right now,but the population of the UK is around 60.7 if we have 85-100 cases it is not worthy of all this panic.
Panic that is being generated by the media.
If you are under 60 years old and you get this you have a 98% chance of a full recovery.
If you are over 60 (or have other complex medical problems)then you have an 85% chance of a full,recovery if you catch this.
You may not get it at all.
It is time that people started using their brains and putting things into perspective.
No...I am not saying that this infection does not have the POTENTIAL TO KILL.
it does in the same way that I have the potential to become a millionaire.

Take precautions, be sensible, but let's live cheerful, not fearful....experts have been wrong in the past.
We are fast approaching a time of ultimate inversion.
A time where governments can do anything they want, but where citizens may act only by permission - Ayn Rand

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