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Re: Resurrect the fight for survival thread

a very angry fan in block C.
I can understand his frustration at our teams performance on Saturday
I have been trying to decipher his letter and below is the best I can do
Dear Mr Holt
having been subjected to the pain of watching Saturdays game we can fully understand why you would like to suspend the season. it might give the club time to get a decent team together, where shall we start ! !
why on earth did Mr Coleman choose a team with 4 full backs on the back line when he had 2 decent centre backs on the bench. with few exceptions the team had very poor base control throughout the game. this may have something to do with the training facilities ( if any ) . we suggest you approach Burnley FC and ask if you can use theirs at Grawthorpe.
you would have to pay of course but if you stop giving money away (1 a pint you could afford it. Mr Rogers needs to practice passing the ball. he was very ---- of himself on Saturday Mr Opoku needs to stop pushing opponents in the back and giving away free kicks. Mr Bishop is too soft. he needs to learn how to read the game and place himself in the right places from which to launch an attack. there is no threat down the middle unlike the days when Mr Jackson played
don't feel fed up we are trying to help. Mr Conealy should be dropped for a while if not for good, he is too weak we suspect he is a " nice bloke " but he is not running things as a captain should and his ball skills are questionable. you are missing Mr McConville and just now Mr Prichard does not fill the boots. all this and more should be seen by Mr Coleman
and co. just as we see it and he doesn't then perhaps you need a new Mr Coleman. just now you are wasting your money on a team that has little hope of gaining any mate than 4 or 5 points in the coming matches. and by the way, Mr Clark is worth his weight in gold. we bet you will lose him soon. yours dispirited Block C
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